About Us: 

HAIA is a Tel Aviv-based brand devoted to modern simplicity. Founded in 2010 by Haia Michelson Smolarchik, HAIA combines modern textiles with classic silhouettes to create pieces for any event and every day. Our mission is to create clothing that lasts, clothing that exists outside of trends and will stay with you for years to come.


Our Sustainability Pledge:

At HAIA Studio we understand the responsibility we have to create sustainably and ethically. We manufacture solely in Israel, hiring local seamstresses and working with a small team to ensure fair wages. We use deadstock fabric, also sold locally, and focus primarily on natural fibers. Our business model is made-to-order, which eliminates both fabric waste and over-manufacturing. All of our Shibori items are hand-dyed in studio, which ensures minimal water waste and contamination. We do not use any furs or leathers or animal products of any kind.

We take all of these measures because we love creating and are determined to do so without harming our planet or our communities. Join us in our pledge to change the fashion industry for the better. 


Open Hours:
Sunday - Thursday 10:00-15:00
Friday 10:00-14:00
Address: 45 J.L Gordon street, TLV, 6439409 Israel
Tel(+972) 3-529-7777

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