Summer 2014 inpirations


Summer 2014 by Haia collection was inspired by The white city, Tel Aviv of the 1930th-unique blend of Bauhaus urbanism and pastoral easy living of the sun-drenched beaches of city on the seashore.

This collection could be called "Resort" but resort it is s not .It is a dynamic result of subtle chemistry that exists between white urban structure of the modern Tel Aviv and the nostalgic sepia-washed pictures of Tel Aviv as it used to be, streets unpaved ,stretching all the way to the clean white ,almost virgin sand of beaches.
Summer 2014 collections are defined by austere simple line void of decor and comfortable free cut. The color are whites, reds, blues and beige, ranging from crisp basics to soft pastels,-a color scheme that evokes breezy pastoralist of summery city on a shore.
The collection is offered to young women in the early 30th to 40th and can be easily arranged into twin set by color or style, or mix and match to create an elaborate romantic yet casual look.